One of the most prominent among the youngster musicians, MAHATHI is a child prodigy. Her father Sri Thiruvaiyaru P Sekar, a vocalist, is a disciple of Padma Vibhushan Dr. M Balamuralikrishna. Her mother Smt. Vasanthi Sekar, a flautist, is the grand disciple of renowned flautist Late Sri T R Mahalingam, Sri N Ramani and Smt Kesi. She is the great-granddaughter of the renowned violinist Sangeetha Kalanidhi Pazhamaneri Swaminatha Iyer.

Mahathi started identifying classical ragas at the tender age of one and a half years. This talent was identified by her parents during her father's concert at a temple in Palakkad. Her parents nurtured her talent by teaching her more ragas. When she was two and a half years old, she was able to identify about 75 Carnatic ragas. In those days, just to test her talents, her father used to mix up Carnatic swaras but Mahathi unfailingly identified the exact raga.

When she was three years old she came to Chennai with her mother for the December Music Season (1988). At the concert of Mandolin U. Shrinivas at the Mylapore Fine Arts on December 25th, Mahathi, sitting on her mother's lap, kept identifying the ragas played by the musicians on stage. The Sabha secretary, who was sitting next to her mother arranged for a live demonstration of the child's talents soon after the main item of the concert. Mahathi, without the slightest hesitation identified all the ragas played by Mandolin U Shrinivas and Violinist Kum Kanyakumari and enthralled the audience. This incident appeared in all the leading news papers at that time.

Mahathi underwent her initial musical training from her parents and from Deepa, Gayatri of Trivandrum. When Mahathi's family moved to Trichur, she was put under the guidance of Sri Mangad K Natesan. Mahathi underwent advanced Musical Training under the tutelage of Sri O S Thiagarajan, Padma Bhushan Chevalier Dr M BalaMuralikrishna and Padma Bhushan Sangeetha Kalanidhi Madurai Sri T N Seshagopalan.

Mahathi was awarded the Central Government scholarship for Carnatic Music in 1994.

Meanwhile in 2001, Mahathi bagged the prestigious Kerala State Award for Classical Music in the Youth Festivals. She also got the “Bala Bhaskara” title from the VDS Arts Academy, Chennai.

She is an “A” grade artiste of the All India Radio .

She had the opportunity of performing at Dr M Balamuralikrishna‘s 75th Birthday Celebrations at The Music Academy in the presence of the honorable chief minister of Tamil nadu Selvi J Jayalalitha.

Mahathi has been travelling extensively around the world for classical music concerts.

She is a rising star in the field of carnatic music who has the distinct ability to handle both carnatic music and film singing with ease.

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